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    Join the 9/11 community in our fight for truth and justice - for all American citizens - as we call on President Trump to release 9/11 investigation evidence held secret by the F.B.I.

  • FBI Investigation into Saudi 9/11 Connection Journalist Sebastian Rotella Interviewed on CBSN

    Propublica senior reporter Sebastian Rotella is interviewed on CBSN about an FBI investigation into possible connections between Saudi Arabia and the September 11th terrorist attacks. 

  • The New York Times Asks Did Saudi Arabia Play a Role in 9/11

    The New York Times dives into the question of Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11 with a story covering a joint investigation by The New York Times Magazine and ProPublica.

  • New York Times Magazine: FBI Investigation into 9/11 Saudi Connection

    The New York Times Magazine reports on a team of FBI agents dedicated to following leads and uncovering connections between Saudi Arabia and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

  • 9/11 Community, your attendance is needed!

    Please make it a priority to attend the hearing on Monday, January 13th at 10 am at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse.

    The Court intends to discuss a schedule for the completion of jurisdictional discovery as to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the number of permissible depositions.

  • Matt Gaetz, R-FL Discusses Military Base Attack, 9/11 and Saudi Arabia

    Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz appears on Fox News speaking with Tucker Carlson about the FBI's investigation into the shooting by a Saudi Arabian aviation student at a Pensacola, Florida Naval Station as an act of terrorism.

  • 9/11 Families Demand Documents Implicating Saudi Arabia in Attacks

    The 9/11 families want answers about Saudi Arabia's involvement in the September 11th attacks. 

  • 5 Things the 9/11 Families Want!

    Highlighted excerpt from the 2015 FBI Review of the 9/11 Commission Report.

    The following are 5 questions the 9/11 families want answered. Click on the links to view the related documents.


  • Rep. Gabbard Stands With 9/11 Families in Fight for Truth & Justice

    Representative Tulsi Gabbard is standing with us in our fight for truth & justice.

  • Trump Calls 9/11 Bill Veto "Shameful"

    On September 23, 2016, then presidential candidate Donald Trump released a statement to the press condemning President Obama's veto of JASTA. "President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is shameful and will go down as one of the low points of his presidency." Trump continued . . .