We are a community of over 3000 family members who have lost loved ones, 9/11 survivors, first responders, and those sick from exposure to Ground Zero.

These are a few of our stories.


Brett's Story

Brett Eagleson’s father Bruce Eagleson worked for The Westfield Group, managing retail stores at the World Trade Center. Bruce was in a meeting on the 17th floor of the South Tower when the first plane hit the North Tower. Brett’s brother Kyle was able to speak with their father on his cellphone after both buildings had been hit. Bruce reassured Kyle that he was ok and wanted to make sure all 12 of his employees got out safely. Bruce was last seen by one of his colleagues walking up the stairs of the burning South Tower to ensure his office was clear and to grab portable two-way radios to give to the FDNY to help them communicate. All 12 of Bruce’s colleagues made it out alive.


Tim’s Story

When AA Flight 11 plowed into the North Tower, Tim Frolich was at his desk at Fuji Bank on the 80th Floor of the South Tower. Like so many other employees and friends in the towers, he was completely unaware of what had just happened.

Here’s how Tim describes his 9/11 experience: “Little did anyone know this one incident was actually the beginning of an attack on our security, freedoms, beliefs, and most importantly, on the United States of America.

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