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Jun 23, 2022

9/11 Family Members Appeal to President Biden on News Nation

9/11 Family Member Brett Eagleson who lost his father on September 11, 2001, appeared on News Nation appealing to President...

ABC News Covers 9/11 Families' Letter Thanking PGA Golfers

The ABC News article written by Mark Schlabach via ESPN focuses on a 9/11 Family letter written to thank PGA Tour...

9/11 Family Members Thank Pro Golfers New York Daily News Story

New York Daily News reported on the 9/11 family members' letter thanking pro golfers who turned down ‘blood money’ from...

9/11 Community Sends Open Letter to PGA Members

The 9/11 Community thanks PGA members and their sponsors for standing up for decency and the 9/11 Families.


We represent a grassroots movement made up of the 9/11 community, which consists of 9/11 survivors, first responders, family members of those lost, and all volunteers and lower Manhattan residents, students and workers who are now suffering fatal illnesses due to their exposure to Ground Zero. The 9/11 community has successfully worked with Congress to override the presidential veto of Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). Now law, JASTA stripped terrorist nations of immunity. We aim to have the same effect in gaining access to answers that we’ve waited for since 2001 by motivating government agencies to fully unredact and declassify 9/11 documents.


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Senator Blumenthal stands in support of the 9/11 community on September 13, 2019

Senator Blumenthal stands in support of the 9/11 community on September 13, 2019

The 9/11 community has had overwhelming support from Congressional members. In 2016, through activism from the 9/11 community the Senate and House unanimously passed JASTA, the law allowing us to sue Saudi Arabia for its involvement in 9/11. In 2018, the Senate unanimously passed in 2018 Resolution 610, urging for the release of all 9/11 documents. Some of our most recent Congressional support came in March of this year, when Senators Richard Blumenthal, John Cornyn, Kristen Gillibrand, Charles E. Grassley and Charles E. Schumer voiced their support by sending a letter to the FBI urging for the declassification of all 9/11 documents. We have also been lucky enough to have the support of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and hope to continue bipartisan work to declassify the 9/11 documents.