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Last week, the New York Times Magazine and Propublica reported on efforts by our government, particularly the FBI, to continually and relentlessly block any investigation made into the Saudi Arabian government’s role in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

On February 11th, the Department of Justice plans, yet again, to invoke State Secrets on some of the last vital pieces of evidence-which would likely incriminate Saudi government officials-requested by the 9/11 families in their pursuit of justice. It is high time for the FBI to take responsibility for their actions, and to finally begin working for the people they have been sworn to serve – you, the American people. The only way for our government to release key evidence in our investigation is through pressure from all of you.

Join the 9/11 community in our fight for truth and justice for all American citizens as we call on President Trump to release 9/11 investigation evidence held secret by the F.B.I.

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Letter to President Donald J. Trump

Monday, February 3, 2020

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 2050

Dear Mr. President, 

We are the Americans who comprise the 9/11 community. We are the sons and daughters of thousands murdered by foreign terrorists. We are the mothers, fathers and grandparents of children robbed of their lives. We are the brothers and sisters of our best friends who will never breathe again. We are the sick, dying and injured selfless first responders fighting for each breath. We are the disabled, traumatized and mentally inflicted survivors. We are the husbands and wives of those who were eviscerated in a stroke of an instant. We are Americans, and we are 9/11. 

Nearly twenty years ago, our government failed to protect us, and as a result, our lives were crushed and forever changed. In the darkest of our hours and under unthinkable duress, we did what our government asked of us. We did not ask questions, we did not bankrupt airlines, and we dared not challenge or defame our government for their failures. We banded together with Americans across this country, and in the name of democracy, justice and liberty we flew our American flags high and proud, determined to move forward. Day by day with the compassion and support of the great people of this nation, we grew stronger. Thousands of us joined the military, while hundreds of us created charities or started non-profits in honor of our loved ones. Others of us become doctors, nurses, teachers and priests. We limped and limbered forward trusting that our government was doing everything in its power to find out how and why such a travesty could have occurred. In the face of such evil and tragedy, we turned the other cheek, bettered our country, moved our lives forward and forgave a government that allowed our loved ones to be murdered on their watch. We were promised justice, transparency and accountability. We were promised to never be forgotten. We were betrayed.

It has been nearly 20 years since 9/11, and our government still has not held the trial of a single person implicated in 9/11, let alone brought about a single indictment. Rather, in the face of a mountain of evidence, affidavits from former FBI special agents, and testimony from various agents who investigated the attacks, our own government has chosen to protect the same foreign government which stands accused of aiding and abetting the 9/11 terrorists. In a recent New York Times investigative exposé, the 9/11 community learned of the true heroes in the FBI, JTTF and NYPD who did not listen to the senior-level career bureaucrats in our government and persisted with their investigation of Saudi Arabia. It has now become painfully apparent that while the 9/11 community was attempting to heal and trusted that our government was doing everything in its capacity to hold those accountable for 9/11, our FBI under Director Mueller and then Comey was actively working against the 9/11 community to protect the Saudi Arabian government. The Saudi government continually makes a mockery of our Courts, having their legal representatives sit side by side with the legal team for the FBI in the Courtroom, and tying up our lawyers in so many protective orders that they are forbidden from telling us key information they know about the case. 

As the article illustrates, agents were blocked, intimidated and threatened. Investigations into Saudi Arabia were shut down and completely disbanded. We thank God for those heroes who did their jobs and had the courage to come forward, but we ask ourselves, why must we be put through such horror again? This time at the hands of our own government. When did we become the enemies and the terrorists become the victims? Why does the nation of Saudi Arabia enjoy more protection, rights and executive privileges than citizens of this country? Who do our Department of Justice and FBI work for? Why do our justice department and FBI collaborate with the Saudi attorneys?

The 9/11 community has long known of the Saudi role in 9/11; in fact, we have been demanding that our government release information regarding the implicated senior level Saudi officials since mere weeks after the attacks. Our government has repeatedly refused to produce that information to us and to the American people. We were even told at points that we had to provide death certificates for the hijackers, or that we needed a privacy waiver signed by Osama bin Laden, to release their information. We were mocked, ridiculed and told to shut up, much like the heroes from the FBI, JTTF and NYPD who have come forward. We have written hundreds of letters, filed countless freedom of information requests, turned to our congressional leaders for help, begged and pleaded with the FBI and DOJ, passed Senate Resolutions, created new laws, overridden Presidential vetoes, met United States Presidents from three different administrations, poured our hearts out on live TV and still we are betrayed. Where can we go? What more can we do? 

Most recently, as you may be aware, your Attorney General has afforded the most egregious form of protection to the Saudis to-date, in the form of an invocation of State Secrets against the American people in favor of Saudi Arabia. This protection prevents information about the role that senior Saudi government officials played in supporting the hijackers from becoming public. This invocation has never been used against American citizens in their pursuit of justice as terrorist victims, or in a civil case. This invocation flies in the face of the principles upon which our country was founded. This invocation shakes our faith in government to its core. Yet, the Department of Justice plans to invoke State Secrets yet again on February 11th, preventing our lawyers from seeing some of the most vital and likely incriminating evidence the government obtained regarding Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attacks. Thus, continuing our government’s alignment with the values of Saudi Arabia, rather than its own citizens. To think that a government would go to such lengths to prevent its citizens from obtaining justice, truth and transparency about the greatest attack on this country’s soil is unconscionable

Unbeknownst to the 9/11 community until now, at the same time that we were working publicly to obtain information about the Saudis, there was a band of American heroes covertly building evidence against Saudi Arabia and being subsequently thwarted by our own government. The 9/11 community has never been more incensed. Inspired by their heroism, determination and American fortitude, the 9/11 community is resolved to finally expose the truth behind Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11. 

We plead for you to join us in this fight. There is still time to correct the wrongdoings of previous administrations. President Bush thwarted the Saudi investigation while President Obama perpetuated their protection with his veto of JASTA. Please help us by preventing this February 11th invocation of State Secrets on the last vital documents we need to bring justice to those behind 9/11. We will not allow a third administration to corrupt history and deny us of our unalienable right of justice. The words “we will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail” still have meaning to us. Please join us in this historic fight and make American government honorable again.

Very Truly Yours,


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