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AG Barr Must Release Key 9/11 Documents on Saudi Arabia

AG Barr Must Release Key 9/11 Documents on Saudi Arabia

Mike Kelly writes in the about a letter signed by 3,361 9/11 family members to AG William Barr "demanding still-secret intelligence files that could shed light on whether Saudi Arabian officials helped to carry out the deadliest terror attack in American history."

In addition to outlining a history of U.S. officials refusal to hand over key documents which could help 9/11 families in their lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, the article features portions of the letter to AG Barr:

“The FBI, the DOJ, and you, Mr. Barr, turned your backs on the 9/11 community when you chose to side with Saudi Arabia, the sponsor of the 9/11 attacks, over the American people...Your continued misguided and inappropriate obstruction of the 9/11 community’s lawsuit against Saudi Arabia is an affront to the judicial system and justice itself, and a betrayal of the American people you are duty-bound to serve.”

Kelly's article reports that "survivors and victims’ relatives now say that U.S. officials have essentially taken sides, protecting Saudi interests and not helping American citizens learn the truth about the attacks."

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